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Fresh Release: She Hunts Demons

February 01, 2024 — Owen Tyme

She Hunts Demons is the first volume of a new series titled Ashen Blades. It's heavy with action, magic, demons, witches, gunplay, conspiracies, a demon's plot to rule the world and an extra helping of wild and woolly weirdness, all in a Film-Noir inspired setting.

I enjoyed writing the dialog, which uses 1940's idioms. I also played around with many Film-Noir tropes, which is why I wanted a mostly black and white cover.

It was a challenging piece to write, but it was also immensely fun, because the protagonist is functionally mute, speaking largely though actions rather than words. She's also the most cocky character I've ever written, so it's probably a good thing she couldn't voice her absurdly stubborn level of self-confidence, which sometimes borders on the insane.

I apologize to those that were anticipating the next volume of The Wizard's Scion, but the third book of this new series, Demon for President! (which I'm in the middle of writing), takes place on the backdrop of the current presidential election, so I'm pressed for time and working to get this new series established so I can publish that piece in a timely fashion, probably in April.

The next book published should be Ashen Blades volume 2, She Goes to War.

You can rest assured: The Wizard's Scion will be published in its entirety, but for now it must wait on the back burner. Again, I'm sorry, but please take a look at She Hunts Demons. I doubt you'll be disappointed.

The half-demon girl who calls herself the Hunter never really considered why she wanted all demons dead, but when she’s presented with the one responsible for killing her parents, she loses all rationality, going on the warpath.

It started with a crying widow and a stack of letters, leading the Hunter’s private detective partner, Clayton Simmons, to investigate a series of financial crimes. These threads all lead to the mysterious Otto Vogerath, who’s rumored to be a mobster.

At the same time, the Hunter’s earliest memories begin coming into focus, giving her clarity about the death of her parents at the hands of the very same, because Vogerath isn’t just a mobster: he’s also a demon that claims to be the serpent from the Garden of Eden.

The duo and their allies are soon caught in a complex spider’s web of mystery, involving conspiracies, murders, atom bombs and the demon’s plot to tear a massive hole in reality, all of which revolves around the life of the Hunter. Worse still, the demon requires the Hunter’s cooperation for his plans to succeed and will do almost anything to get it, repeatedly proving to her that everyone she cares for is in danger, so long as she stands in the way of what he wants.

Will Simmons and the Hunter save the world or will the serpent succeed in opening a portal to Hell, so legions of demons can march forth to conquer the world? The answers lay within this book, but only for those brave enough to buy it!

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Author Copies of Forgotten Legends

November 27, 2023 — Owen Tyme

Today I got my hands on the author copies of Forgotten Legends I ordered.

Just like Troll Song, it's a joy to see something I wrote in print and again, the camera in my phone just doesn't do the art justice.

Oh, and by the way, the Ebook sale is over at the end of today, so if you want to grab a copy of one of my books at a discount, you better move fast!

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Available for Pre-Order: Forgotten Legends!

November 09, 2023 — Owen Tyme

The second volume of The Wizard's Scion series, titled Forgotten Legends, is now available for pre-order as an Ebook. The print edition should follow, soon.

Forgotten Legends releases on November 13, 2023.

Levi hated the monster from under the bed as a child, but when he meets the creature as a young adult, he quickly learns nothing will be the same in his life, ever again. The creature of darkness pleads for his aid in a coming war and the young wizard reluctantly agrees, making it his familiar.

Levi’s family and friends are soon caught up in a galaxy-wide war to decide the fate of humanity and continually come face to face with monsters straight out of myth and legend, including the dreaded Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse! The old gods and monsters humanity revered before the rise of science and reason are angry over being ignored and seek to force humanity to believe in them once more!

The young wizard’s allies find themselves in a unique position to fight the supernatural creatures, since they’re gifted with magical powers of their own, soon sparking a wave of resistance from the governments of the galaxy, as they take the fight to the legends!

However, the battle isn’t easy, because the forgotten legends weren’t idle over the millennia, having built an impressive manufacturing facility that draws matter straight from a star to build warships at an incredible rate, churning them out faster than humanity can deal with! Worse yet, these ships have the very best in weaponry that both magic and science can produce.

Will Levi and his family overcome the endless waves of disposable warships or will the governments of the galaxy be crushed by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, beginning an era of slavery under the heel of their own forgotten legends? The answers lay within this book, but you’ll never know unless you buy it!

Tags: the-wizards-scion, novel, writing, publishing

Troll Song is Released!

October 28, 2023 — Owen Tyme

The first novel in The Wizard's Scion series, titled Troll Song, is available for purchase in both eBook and paperback forms. You can find out more by clicking this link or by clicking on the image, below.

Lyra never intended to cause the extinction of the troll race, but when she uses the power of troll song to read the mind of a dwarf, she’s forced to compare her life of abuse to that of a loving family.

Acting for the good of the world, Lyra betrays her family and kills her oldest sister, creating an opportunity for the dwarves to defeat the troll army.

The middle sister, Lyra’s childhood nemesis, Nicole, is furious beyond all rationality and determined to make Lyra pay, no matter the cost! Death would be too good for Lyra, so Nicole seeks to telepathically destroy her mind, instead!

Luring her sister into a trap, Lyra drops an entire mountain of ice on their heads, intent on ending Nicole at the expense of her own life! Waking after thousands of years frozen sleep in a world of wonders both scientific and magical, Nicole steals a powerful star ship and the contest begins anew!

Will Lyra defeat her murderous sister and end the troll threat or will Nicole destroy Lyra’s mind to fulfill her vow of vengeance, followed by raiding and pillaging as she sees fit? Buy this book and find out, today!

Tags: the-wizards-scion, novel, publishing