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The Third Wish

The Third Wish is book three of The Wizard’s Scion, which centers on the life of a young wizard (Levi Jacobs), who’s the son of the greatest wizard his world has ever seen. It follows the adventures of this young man, his family and his friends, as he slowly learns to master his wizardly powers over the course of the series.

Plagued by horrific nightmares, the consequences of war and reeling from the loss of his family, the Steel Wizard, Levi Jacobs copes by throwing himself into work, but old enemies gain the power to travel through time, refusing to give him a moment to grieve. Making matters worse, an impatient and violent alien pirate lurks in orbit.

Far from friendly, the alien pirate is boiling with rage over several massive blows to his pride at the hands of humanoids. Unable to kill those responsible, instead he plots revenge on their child, Levi, and everyone around him, to regain face in the eyes of his own kind, for whom personal pride is literally everything, including social ranking and the right to rule.

While Levi’s busy dealing with the pirate, a deposed prince scours history for allies, putting together a frightening misfit team of spies, dangerous trolls and wizards that all have a grudge to settle with Levi and his family. Intent on changing history to suit themselves, they strike at the foundations of the present, threatening to kill Levi’s father at a pivotal moment on which the history of the galaxy hangs.

Will Levi solve this mess and move forward with his life or will he buckle under the responsibility of protecting both what he has and what he’s lost?