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Demon for President!

Demon for President! is book three of Ashen Blades, which centers on the adventures of a half-demon girl (the Hunter) and her friends in an ancient order of demon hunters (The Order of Ash and Smoke, also known as Ashen Blades).

The Hunter’s demonic arch-nemesis, Vogerath, returns to Earth once more, but this time, he’s running for President of the United States, on the 2024 ballot! Worse yet, the demon’s unique power to be in multiple places at once allows him to convincingly pretend to be identical twins, running as both a Republican and Democrat!

The other candidates all drop out of the race under mysterious circumstances and with his best competition being himself, he’s practically assured a win!

Soon, the American people are lapping up the snake-in-a-suit’s every word as if it were ambrosia, calling out his name at every turn, magically charmed to believe he’s the best thing since sliced bread, despite the checkered, criminal history of his “family.”

Hard pressed to get rid of him, the half-demon Hunter and her allies kill him repeatedly, but he pops back up like a bad weed, making all of his appointments on time, photogenically kissing babies, cutting the ribbons of stores and donating laundered blood-money to charitable causes.

Will the hunter manage to end the demon’s presidential campaign before election day? If she doesn’t, the USA may just get a Demon for President! Buy this book today and find out for yourself!

Show your support for the snake-in-a-suit running for president…or your disdain for the available candidates, by wearing a Demon for President! campaign pin, designed by Owen Tyme.

Proudly display your support for the secret snakes-in-a-suit hiding in plain sight…or let them know you’re on to them, with a Snake Pride pin designed by Owen Tyme.

Snake Pride is a tongue-in-cheek pride movement started by the villain of Demon for President!, who just so happens to be a snake-demon.

“Times are serious, so we need a serious man for the job!” Show your support for the Democrat snake-in-suit by wearing a pin with his face on it as he runs for president! Pin design by Owen Tyme and Ryan Johnson.

“He’s the best thing to happen to this country since sliced bread!” Show your support for the Republican snake-in-suit by wearing a pin with his face on it as he runs for president! Pin design by Owen Tyme and Ryan Johnson.