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Short Stories

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While Owen much prefers to write novels, he also sometimes writes short stories. You can find them alongside his novels in various store fronts, for free.

Short of Tyme

Short of Tyme is a series of short stories by Owen that you can find alongside his novels, in the same online stores. If you’re on the fence about buying his books, then why not try something free that’s a little shorter?

The individual Ebooks are free and always will be, but eventually, Owen will put together a collection of them, allowing you to buy them in print.

Please Note: Amazon has a policy regarding minimum prices, so these stories may initially be listed on their site at 99 cents. If you want them for free, you can try another store (Smashwords is an excellent choice). Alternatively, if you insist on downloading through Amazon, you can either ask them to price match other stores or wait patiently for it to happen.

Emergent Consequences

The painter of the universe, known as Life, just wanted to fulfill her reason for being, by creating a universe full of beautiful wonders and living things, but her twin brother, Death, exists solely to destroy her work, leading to an intractable argument about whose work should prevail.

Eventually, Life partially wins the argument and is allowed to make a universe without seeing it immediately destroyed, but she doesn’t know well enough to leave things be, leading to emergent consequences as she continually interferes, adding new creations to fix the problems she created, only to see everything balloon out of control, while Death laughs at everything she does…

Emergent Consequences is a short tale that takes a light hearted view of the follies of human nature, as seen through the lens of a pair of extremely fallible creators, whose universe fortunately isn’t our own, holding up the mirror of satire, so we can laugh at ourselves.

Come read about their journey and hopefully learn a little about human nature along the way.