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She Goes to War

She Goes to War is book two of Ashen Blades, which centers on the adventures of a half-demon girl (the Hunter) and her friends in an ancient order of demon hunters (The Order of Ash and Smoke, also known as Ashen Blades).

The Hunter never wanted to go to war, but in 1972, she senses the return of her demonic arch-nemesis, Vogerath, to the world. Following his magic like a bloodhound, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to Vietnam, a war zone.

With a pressing need to kill Vogerath, who claims to be the serpent from the Garden of Eden, the half-demon Hunter is joined by her detective partner, Clayton Simmons, and a powerful witch, Verda Bagley.

It was meant to be a simple search and destroy mission, but nothing in the jungles of Vietnam is ever simple and their plans go off the rails the moment the Hunter sets foot on the ground. She’s overcome by the magic of the jungle, which causes her to forget her humanity and transform into a great, black cat with blue eyes!

Her team are forced to subdue her, to bring her back to her senses, but the consequences of her instinct-driven actions leave them troubled, because she killed a demon disguised as an American soldier and his best friend wants revenge! As this fresh, unwanted conflict comes to a close, the Hunter’s hands are reluctantly stained with human blood.

Vogerath’s jungle hideout is surrounded by soldiers and the raid begins, but the Hunter’s plan continues to go wrong. After a unit of tanks is overrun, the US military throws everything they’ve got at the demons, inadvertently playing into Vogerath’s hands! The demon grows stronger with each attack and awaits the power of a nuclear strike, planning to use it to open a portal to Hell, so endless legions of demons can march forth to conquer the Earth!

Will the Hunter and her friends stop Vogerath in time or will the world be conquered by demons? Buy this book today and find out!

She Goes to Summer Camp

She Goes to War includes a bonus novella: She Goes to Summer Camp, in which the Hunter faces the most unthinkable and horrifying of challenges: teenagers. This novella is also available separately as a free Ebook or in print.

Camp Sapphire Friendship, a summer camp for teens, was the last place the Hunter wanted to go, but she’d made a vow to protect humanity from demons, no matter where they appeared and in 1986, her team of demon-slaying experts is called on to investigate. However, to make things even worse, the Hunter’s team leader sends her into the camp as an undercover operative, under the guise of a regular teen, despite the fact that the half-demon girl being old enough to be the grandmother of the kids at camp.

She’s soon caught up in the daily minutiae of camp, learning a few new things along the way, while followed around like a puppy by a new “friend”, a motor-mouthed girl that never shuts up. On the very first day, she also acquires a trio of teenage foes in the form of some valley-girl sisters from Los Angeles, who take every opportunity to insult and plays pranks on her.

However, despite the innocent look of the place, danger lurks around every corner, because the owner of the camp, Miss Macie Weber, is an untrained witch, whose unknowing, haywire magic threatens to kill everyone by summoning powerful and vengeful nature spirits, on top of the demons already lurking among the humans at camp!

Will the Hunter find and slay the the demons or will the nature spirits take offense at her mere presence, because she’s had the Jungle Spirit stuck inside her head since 1972?

If you love the cover of She Goes to Summer Camp, then you’ve just got to have the sticker designed by Ryan Johnson, the artist that illustrates the covers of Owen Tyme’s novels!