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50% Off on Smashwords!

December 05, 2023 — Owen Tyme

I’m excited to announce my Ebooks, Troll Song and Forgotten Legends, will be 50% off on Smashwords as part of their 2023 End of Year Sale starting on December 15! Be sure to follow me for more updates and links to the promotion for my books and many more!

Lyra never intended to cause the extinction of the troll race, but when she uses the power of troll song to read the mind of a dwarf, she's forced to compare her life of abuse to that of a loving family.

Acting for the good of the world, she betrays her family and her race by revealing the secrets of the trolls. For the sake of the dwarves, Lyra kills her oldest sister, creating an opportunity for the dwarves to defeat a disorganized army composed of their brothers.

The middle sister, Lyra's childhood nemesis and personal tormentor, Nicole, is furious beyond all rationality over her youngest sister's actions, determined to make Lyra pay, no matter the cost! Death would be too good for Lyra, so Nicole seeks to telepathically destroy her mind, instead!

Luring her sister into a trap, Lyra drops an entire mountain of ice on their heads, intent on ending Nicole at the expense of her own life!

They wake from their frozen sleep thousands of years later in a world of wonders both scientific and magical. As Nicole escapes, the contest begins anew and she gains control of a powerful star ship, intending to use it as a platform for her vengeance!

Meanwhile, Lyra gains modern allies, including the influential family and friends of a young wizard, Levi Jacobs.

Will Lyra defeat her murderous sister or will Nicole destroy Lyra's mind to fulfill her vow of vengeance? Will Lyra end the troll threat or will Nicole become a scourge on the entire world, raiding and pillaging as she sees fit?

Levi hated the monster from under the bed as a child, but when he meets the creature as a young adult, he quickly learns nothing will be the same in his life, ever again. The creature of darkness pleads for his aid in a coming war and the young wizard reluctantly agrees, making it his familiar.

Levi's family and friends are soon caught up in a galaxy-wide war to decide the fate of humanity and continually come face to face with monsters straight out of myth and legend, including the dreaded Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse! The old gods and monsters humanity revered before the rise of science and reason are angry over being ignored and seek to force humanity to believe in them once more!

The young wizard's allies find themselves in a unique position to fight the supernatural creatures, since they're gifted with magical powers of their own, soon sparking a wave of resistance from the governments of the galaxy, as they take the fight to the legends!

However, the battle isn't easy, because the forgotten legends weren't idle over the millennia, having built an impressive manufacturing facility that draws matter straight from a star to build warships at an incredible rate, churning them out faster than humanity can deal with! Worse yet, these ships have the very best in weaponry that both magic and science can produce.

Will Levi and his family overcome the endless waves of disposable warships or will the governments of the galaxy be crushed by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, beginning an era of slavery under the heel of their own forgotten legends?

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