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Coming Soon: Forgotten Legends

November 06, 2023 — Owen Tyme

The artwork for the next volume of The Wizard's Scion is nearly complete, so I'm back in full edit mode, to give the text one final pass of polishing before publishing, since Ryan (the artist) moved far faster than I expected, this time.

Forgotten Legends will likely be released as an Ebook in the next week or two. The print edition should follow on a short delay, as I intend to upload files and complete the work for both on the same day, this time.

This is really exciting to me, because Forgotten Legends is my favorite of the five books in the series, with lots of fun things related to monsters and mythology.

It also has some mild horror elements written from the perspective of the monsters, which is not within my usual writing wheelhouse, but I'm particularly proud of the first and second chapters, as well as the chapter involving Strangers.

Then there's the chapter involving a Kaiju vs. giant robot fight. That's just all-around fun and shows the far-reaching consequences of the war.

I also love the book for the chance it gives the protagonist to really grow up. In Troll Song, Levi was introduced as an immature teen. In Forgotten Legends, he's forced to face the the harsh realities of war and he'll never be the same, again.

I also love the lasting consequences of the novel, because it perfectly sets the stage for the three to follow, directly leading to the rise of old enemies in the Third Wish, the unexpected redemption of a villain in Dark Moon and the capstone of the series, The Inverted Glass, where Levi faces the greatest of challenges on the path to mastering his wizardly powers, with the fate of everyone he loves at stake.

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